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A few months after beginning your exploration of the various Indonesian art forms, certain provinces will soon take on character all their own through the art forms you association with them ...

Study groups are formed dependent on the interest of the members and in recent years have included: textiles, ceramics, wayang, batik and others.

Museums in Jakarta and in other major cities display priceless artifacts from Indonesia's vibrant history.

Today we can see highly developed art forms wherever these artisans had patrons in centuries past.

One of the places where this is perhaps most evident is in Yogyakarta where the Sultan's family has supported batik, silver, wayang and other artisans for generations.

One of the most popular organizations in Jakarta for those who are interested in learning more about Indonesian culture is the Indonesian Heritage Society.

Amateurs become experts through research using their extensive library and participation in study groups.

Plants, animals (mythological and real) and geometric forms are also widely used and represent specific meanings in particular art forms.